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Founded in 1989 by the four principal engineering institutions, and now with members from other engineering bodies, the public sector, the charity sector and industry, the Hazards Forum’s mission is to enable inter-disciplinary learning between professionals for the prevention and mitigation of hazards and disasters.

Our vision is to be widely recognised as the independent enabler of the most need debates, as a key source of interdisciplinary knowledge on the control of major hazards.


We are a community of organisations and individuals with like-minded interests who collaborate and network to debate and advance understanding in a wide variety of safety and risk fields.

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Event Reports

Nuclear fusion: technology risk

Nuclear Fusion: Technology Risk The Hazards Forum hosted Nuclear Fusion: Technology Risk as a hybrid event, at the home of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), at One Great George Street, London and online. The event was chaired by Dr Lavinia Raganelli, a risk and safety consultant at Corporate Risk Associates. Our first speaker, Valerie

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Nested Dependencies and Unconscious Connectivity

Nested Dependencies and Unconscious Connectivity The modern world survives and thrives on complex interconnected systems which normally interface seamlessly and give efficiency and productivity.  These systems are complex to develop and engineer but may be entirely un-noticed by the end user.  The COVID pandemic has highlighted the interdependencies of both societal and engineered systems, whilst

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Regulation of chemicals (Part 2)

Regulation of chemicals (Part 2) Risk management within the new UK REACH framework Part two of our mini-series on the regulation of chemicals, regulators and policy makers focused on UK REACH – a new framework of chemical regulation in the UK post-Brexit. We discovered how it will go about tackling the UK’s first ‘substances of

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COVID19 Webinar

Covid-19: Science and evidence on environmental transmission and modelling

Covid-19: Science and evidence on environmental transmission and modelling Our three speakers gave a fascinating insight into how Covid-19 challenges the science and evidence around environmental transmission and modelling. All three are active participants in Sage (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) and co-chairs of the Sage Environmental Modelling Group. The seminar was held on March

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Open Data Day event

The underpinning risks, challenges and opportunities of Open Data

The underpinning risks, challenges and opportunities of Open Data To celebrate Open Data Day on 6 March 2021, we hosted a panel discussion to explore the potential of open data in land development. Our panellists talked about what’s blocking its use, and how these challenges could be met. James Madison, from the Open Data Institute

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New ONR Guidance on Safety Leadership

New ONR guidance on safety leadership One of our members, the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), has published new guidance on safety leadership to assist its inspectors in making regulatory judgement and decisions. The ONR guide sets out a framework of safety leadership behaviours structured on the SAFER Leadership Model developed by academics Jennifer Wong,

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10 years of the Temporary Works Forum

10 years of the Temporary Works Forum Published 6th October, 2020 History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes: an inspiration for the Temporary Works Forum 10 years on by Bill Hewlett, Consultant at Bill Hewlett Associates Ltd, TWf Chair 2009-2017, & John Carpenter, Consultant, TWf Secretary 2009-2014. In 2019 the Temporary Works Forum

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