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10 years of the Temporary Works Forum

The subject hit the headlines in the 1970s due to a spate of collapses during motorway construction works, leading to the Bragg Report (HSE, 1976) and the first edition of BS5975 (BSI, 1982). “ One of my foremen was at Birling Road on the day it collapsed” .

[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 101 Spring 2020

Andrew first put the concept of material failure into perspective, and it does not necessarily mean a complete collapse or loss of containment (although this may well be the case), but can also apply to a loss of operability, functionality or reliability such that continued use is not possible, or is unsafe.

[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 70 Spring 2011

After his retirement he served as an expert investigator of a number of tragic accidents, including the Bilsthorpe Colliery roof fall in 1994, the Ramsgate walkway collapse, the Ladbroke Grove Rail Disaster, and most notably, the King’s Cross Underground fire.
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