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[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 64 Autumn 2009

Hazards Forum Newsletter No 64 – Autumn 2009 WV 4 HOW ERGONOMICS IMPROVES PATIENT SAFETY A diverse audience from across the high One of the challenges in any complex hazard industries attended an evening system is the need to address the issue of event jointly hosted by Hazards Forum human error.

[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 69 Winter 2010

10 The Name Says it All – What Should We Now Call the Ergonomics Society? IIG Secretary Graham Barber, gbarber@theiet.org The IIG is currently working on two key cross-disciplinary areas: The Name Says It All – What Should We Now Call the Ergonomics Society?

[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 52 Winter 2005

VIEWPOINT A Comment on ‘The Blame Culture – Does it Hinder Industrial Safety?’ Reg Sell Ergonomics Society I would like to comment on the article by John Bond in the Autumn 2005 Newsletter, particularly from an ergonomics point of view.
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