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[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 65 Winter 2009

about Fire and Explosion Safety of Hydrogen – from fundamental research to Hydrogen Fire and Explosion – the Cross Cutting Safety Issues prevention, protection and mitigation, where it would seem that the explosive Production nature of hydrogen is matched only by its ability to mask its source of ignition.

[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 99 Autumn 2018

Freight train derailment causes explosion near Princeton On 17 June 2018, 23 wagons in an 89-wagon freight train derailed just outside Princeton in Indiana. There were no reported injuries, but an explosion led to the evacuation of homes within a one-mile radius.

[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 88 Autumn 2015

particularly those involving explosions. This is the second PN served on the mill during the investigation into the fatal explosion on July 17 and inspectors are working with the company to ensure safety and further enforcement action has not been ruled out.

[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 95 Summer 2017

Merlin live gas flue was cut, and in another an expected their profits to be £40-50 million explosion resulted when the underground lower than the year prior to the accident; tanks in an old petrol station under this resulted in a profit warning and fall in conversion were being decommissioned.

[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 100 Spring 2019

CSB highlights a common thread between two Oil Refinery Losses The CSB has highlighted potential common causes between a refinery explosion and fire in Wisconsin, USA on 28 April 2018 and that of refinery explosion in California on the 18 February 2015.
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