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[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 99 Autumn 2018

John Munnings-Tomes also reflects on the Piper Alpha disaster, whose thirtieth anniversary passed in July this year. In the news March event: hazards and procurement Piper Alpha Disaster – 30th Anniversary June event: Grenfell one year on – what have we learned?

[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 92 Autumn 2016

Also, non-experts tend to were familiar with the experience and have a lower baseline of what a good lessons of events such as Piper Alpha, to safety culture looks like which can lead to those from the host country that was organisations receiving overly positive relatively unfamiliar with the oil and gas results.

[PDF] Newsletter Issue No. 83 Summer 2014

is complex, the behaviour of the History has given us plenty of opportunities components and their interactions are well to learn, including the Flixborough disaster, known and governed by physical laws and Challenger, Piper Alpha, Texas City oil normal probability distributions.
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