Our Interest Groups comprise representatives from our member organisations. These groups hear from guest speakers, discuss topics of mutual interest, and share lessons, with the aim of turning their deliberations into high quality events imparting information and sharing insights which we report upon and make available on our website for the public benefit.

The groups are a vehicle for members to be part of important discussions on topical issues, as well as create positive change within their particular field. Members of the groups meet regularly to learn from different industries and how others respond to specific hazards. The aim is that members can find solutions to problems they may experience in their industry and pass on useful practices that can be implemented elsewhere.

Each of our three interest groups informs and educates by sharing the latest research tools, methods, solutions and best practice. The groups also provide a forum in which interdisciplinary practitioners and decision-makers can connect and interact.

Interest Group 1

Group focus: Natural Hazards

Mission Statement

Enable interdisciplinary learning between professionals for the prevention and mitigation of natural hazards and disasters. 

Natural hazards and disasters are those which would occur in nature without any human influence (e.g. flooding, earthquake, lightning, etc.) as well as those influenced or induced by human activity (e.g. climate change, pandemic, etc.)

The scope of this group of interest (IG-1) is to facilitate:

  • Knowledge transfer – share the latest research, tools, methods, solutions and best practice in relation to Natural Hazards, and their application in the characterisation, prevention and mitigation of associated risks
  • Networking – Provide a forum in which  interdisciplinary Natural Hazard practitioners and decision makers can connect and interact

Interest Group 2

Group focus: Engineered System Hazards

Mission Statement

An engineered system hazard is one which results from the failure during expected modes of operation:

  • of engineered equipment, constructions, products, processes or
  • of systems of these, or
  • in the control of these.

We are particularly interested in those failures that could lead to catastrophic incidents with any of the following consequences:  significant injuries to people, significant damage to the environment, or large financial loss.


The scope of this group of interest (IG-2) is to facilitate:

  • discussion between those with expertise and interested parties,
  • the transfer of knowledge of good practices, and
  • the creation of tangible output to inform public debate

The overall purpose of this is to improve safety of workers and the public, and to reduce impacts on the environment.

Interest Group 3

Group focus: Emerging and Future Technology

Mission Statement 

Share knowledge of new technologies and risks that arise or are inherent to these technologies to enable a robust and resilient society.

The scope of this group of interest (IG-3) is to facilitate:

  • Discussion between those involved in the development of new technologies and associated risks, regulators and other interested parties;
  • The transfer of knowledge and best practices on risk between established technology sectors and emerging technology;
  • The creation of outputs to inform public debate on risks associated with emerging technologies.
  • Focus on future projects, including; digitalisation, automation and AI, new energy, new materials and advanced manufacturing

IG-1 Chair, Jonathan Krzyzosiak

IG-2 Chair, Richard Roff

IG-3 Chair, Marc McBride

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