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Founded in 1989 by the four principal engineering institutions, and now with members from other engineering bodies, the public sector, the charity sector and industry, the Hazards Forum’s mission is to enable inter-disciplinary learning between professionals for the prevention and mitigation of hazards and disasters.

Our vision is to be widely recognised as the independent enabler of the most need debates, as a key source of interdisciplinary knowledge on the control of major hazards.


We are a community of organisations and individuals with like-minded interests who collaborate and network to debate and advance understanding in a wide variety of safety and risk fields.

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Human decisions and system performance

Human decisions and system performance Even as engineered systems become more complex, the need to intervene at times will continue, with little or no reduction in urgency. So, how humans make their decisions and how this contributes to overall system performance becomes increasingly significant. In December, the Hazards Forum invited three guest speakers to a

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Data and information sharing for safety and environmental benefit

Data and information sharing for safety and environmental benefit   It’s vital that data and information important for safety and the environment is effectively managed throughout the lifecycle of assets, from design to through to decommissioning. The need for a transparent record of safety information was made evident by the Grenfell fire tragedy. Dame Judith

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Wildfires Wildfires have been in news this year, perhaps most notably in Hawaii, where hurricane winds, parched grass, and electrical sparks combined to create a fire that consumed a town. Closer to home, fire services were stretched to the limit when wildfires struck across the UK last year. This Hazards Forum event demonstrates how this

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AI Workshop

AI workshop In July, the Hazards Forum had the pleasure of visiting the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) site in Buxton, UK. The HSE kindly hosted our hybrid Artificial Intelligence (AI) workshop which brought together presenters from Thales, Office for Nuclear Regulation and University of York, along with other experts in the hazards fields, both in-person and online.  Workshop objectives The Emerging Technology Interest Group

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Nuclear fusion: technology risk

Nuclear Fusion: Technology Risk The Hazards Forum hosted Nuclear Fusion: Technology Risk as a hybrid event, at the home of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), at One Great George Street, London and online. The event was chaired by Dr Lavinia Raganelli, a risk and safety consultant at Corporate Risk Associates. Our first speaker, Valerie

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50th Anniversary of the Flixborough Disaster

50th Anniversary of the Flixborough Disaster 1st June 2024 marks the 50th anniversary of the Flixborough disaster, a catastrophic explosion at the Nypro chemical plant near the village of Flixborough, North Lincolnshire. This tragic event remains one of the most significant industrial accidents in British history. The Incident The Nypro plant, jointly owned by Dutch

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