We are a community of organisations and individuals interested in hazards and risks.

The Hazards Forum was founded by the UK’s four principal engineering institutions in 1989. We’ve since welcomed members from engineering bodies, the public and charity sectors, and industry.

We provide a forum where professionals from all disciplines can learn from one another, build their knowledge and contribute to the control of major hazards and the mitigation of disasters.

Our vision is to be seen as the independent enabler of much needed debate and a key source of interdisciplinary knowledge on the control of major hazards.

We’ve broadened our remit to inform the public understanding of risk, while continuing to develop our work on the assessment of hazardous events, dissemination of lessons learned and the promotion of risk reduction strategies.

What we do

The Hazards Forum believes deliberation and decision-making about risk shouldn’t be confined to risk professionals. A wider audience of stakeholders – including the public where appropriate – needs to share their views on how to assess and manage risk.

We encourage open, timely and active debate. We want robust, relevant, independent and accessible information to be widely available.

We do this by arranging regular events and webinars to debate specific risk issues. We also arrange joint events with other organisations, and support events arranged solely by other bodies.

Public understanding

Hazards have always been a fact of life. However, global media coverage of natural and human made disasters mean the public have become more aware of the risks they face from technological advances and climate change.

In this complex world, people need to understand the nature of the hazards around them, and the magnitude of any associated risk. With this understanding, they can decide how to respond.

The Hazards Forum provides the opportunity for free debate of such issues and to reach unbiased conclusions.

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