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Impact of Covid-19 on our Event Programme

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is likely that in-person events will remain suspended throughout 2021 and instead all events will be held by Webinar.  These events are free for our members and invited guests.  To register for an event please follow the instructions on the event page.


Sponsor an Event

The Hazards Forum is always interested in hearing from organisations who may wish to sponsor one or more of our events.

The details of the sponsoring organisation will be incorporated into the event publicity material. 

If you would like to discuss sponsoring an event, please contact the secretary.

Forthcoming Events

Hazards Forum Events

1 December, 2020

Regulation of Chemicals

This webinar will take place from 1200 – 1300 and be split into two sessions. In these sessions, key regulators will discuss existing approaches and the policy and practical challenges for the future.

Issues from manufactured chemical products remain ever-present.  Chemicals with new properties are being developed and existing products become used in new applications.  From time to time chemicals come back into the public eye, whether in the context of a disaster (for example the recent explosion in Beirut) or the need to rapidly develop new products (for example to tackle the Covid-19 coronavirus).  

The issues in risk management of chemicals range from safety evaluation and manufacture through to distribution, use and disposal.  They will also vary between single products (for example fertilisers, cleaning agents and drugs) and products in combination (for example implantable medical devices). 

Forthcoming Events

Events organised by other organisations which are aligned to our charitable object

26-27 November, 2020

Hazards 30

Hazards 30 will explore every major aspect of process safety and help you to learn from the experience of others.

Full details and Registration via this link


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